Reel Rock 11

We were super excited to host Reel Rock 11 at the Rockit Climbing Centre in Hobart in late 2016.

It’s an event anticipated by many climbers around the globe, and this year our cosy climbing gym venue was almost packed to capacity!50436 RRT 11_11x17 POSTER Hobart 2

We are so grateful and inspired by the support of our local partners – Rockit Climbing Centre, Find Your Feet, Adventure Tasmania, and Friction Addiction Climbing. Your support meant that the screening quality of Reel Rock 11 in Hobart was top notch! We had a very happy audience.

Reel Rock is a great annual event, bringing gym bunnies, traditionalists, boulderers, and sport climbers of all ages together. We hope to be involved in bringing it to our little climbing community again in 2017.

Climb Media provided the audio and visual equipment and technical operation to bring the event to life.

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