Climb Media grew out of a dream to combine a love of climbing, adventure sport, event production, and audio visual technology.IMG_3482

Climb Media is a niche business providing audio visual, photography, videography, installation services, and technical support across Australia. Climb Media works in partnership with a diversity of professionals and passionate people, combining different skill sets for projects including film festivals, conferences, sporting and other events.  

The business is owned and operated by Chris Hampton. Chris has worked in the the audio visual and entertainment industries for close to 10 years, with a Bachelor of Recording Arts and a Diploma in Technical Production. Chris has extensive and varied experience, including working on large international events such as the Doha Asian Games, and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. 

Chris has been involved in the outdoor industry, with a focus on climbing, for over 15 years. He is a veteran of the Australian climbing competition circuit, has spent several years as a board member of Sport Climbing Australia, and continues to work in the industry training junior competitors and route setting.

Chris’ passion for climbing and other adventure sports has translated to a passion for capturing, by photo or video, those unique moments of focus, fear, or sheer athleticism exhibited by climbers and other athletes.

When he’s not behind a camera, computer screen or audio console, Chris can be spotted out running his local mountain trails, or enjoying life in the vertical world.